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What Will Personalized Nutrition Do for Me?

 The Science of Health.

  • Reveal deficiencies and excess minerals in your body wrecking havoc on your metabolic rate, fat storage, disease susceptibility, and sport performance.
  • Measure toxic metals, poisons and other toxins within body cells creating fatigue, illness and disease.
  • Personalized Scientific Report. Know exactly what your body needs to operate at 100% optimal health.

Your Personal Report of Findings Gives You:

  • Eat to Live: strategically fortify your body with specific foods and customized supplements which contain the highest amounts of the nutrients that your body has deficiencies in and the lowest amounts of the nutrients your body is retaining in excess.

NOTE: This process automatically detoxifies the body and removes metabolic imbalances simultaneously, while accelerating metabolic rate so that every bite of food creates more energy and less fat.

Eliminating nutrient deficiencies, excesses, disturbances and toxic infiltration, a faster, more efficient metabolism develops. With less body fat accumulation, fatigue, accelerated premature aging and degenerative disease development decrease. You gain mental clarity, longevity, improved athletic performance and will enjoy a better overall quality of life.

End The Guesswork

  • Scientifically Proven Personalized Nutrition
  • Control Over Your Health & Vitality
  • Avoid Restrictive ineffective “Crash” or “Fad Diets”
  • Lose Fat, Gain Energy, Be Happy

The Benefits

Personalized Nutritional Testing reveals exactly what biochemical disturbances your body’s cells are suffering from

  • Primary nutrient and toxic metal retention profile (deficiencies/excesses and ratio imbalances of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, sugars, toxins and much, much more)
  • Genotype, metabolic rate, tissue acidity/alkalinity
  • Functional hormonal output for thyroid and adrenal glands
  • Autonomic nervous system function
  • Diet-related disease tendencies
  • Nutrition and toxin-related symptoms experienced
  • Digestive system weaknesses and protein deficiences
  • Mineral-related allergic tendencies
  • Sensitivities to concentrated sugars, fats and insulin resistance
  • Biochemical pathways where the greatest metabolic dysfunction is occurring

Repair & Re-balance

Our science proven program of personalized nutrition and supplementation is precisely tailored to biochemical uniqueness:

  • Foods to avoid immediately, and foods to eat more of daily
  • Detoxification procedures to rid the body of poisons and sources of external contaminants
  • Macro and micro nutrient recommendations (exact proportions of food and supplemental nutrients for the fastest results)
  • A scientifically-derived nutritional and toxic baseline from which to compare future metabolic improvements
  • How to make every bite count, factor every supplemental nutrient in exact synergistic proportion, for the best results possible as allowed by genetic design

Science + Health = Wellness

Proven Science based on over 65 years of orthomolecular medical research that measures exactly what your specific body needs to live lean, long strong, & better. Our Mission at PNC is to prevent and eliminate fatigue, fatness, unfitness, mental disturbances, premature aging, hormonal imbalances, etc. along with 1,800 diet and lifestyle related diseases with natural medicine.

We Are Personalized

Personalized Nutrition is based on laboratory proven, scientific medical nutrition testing for an accurate measurement – a horoscope of your body’s health based on a detailed nutritional and toxic status. Many millions in the U.S. and 71 other countries already benefit from this program.

Biochemical Profile

Your body’s unique biochemical profile precisely determines what you really need to be your best. Without proper measurement through testing, you’re merely guessing.

Maximum Results

The type of foods and supplements can be clearly defined for maximum results in a bio-
corrective nutrient management program custom designed specifically for you and your body.

Getting To the Core

With this fully accountable personalized system, you can detect and correct your disease tendencies long before the doctor can diagnose them. By getting down to the core of the problem instead of piecemealing your wellness and nutrition choices or merely covering up symptoms with non-curative drugs, you’ll be free to enjoy the wellness you truly deserve.