Heart Health & Blood Pressure


Heart Health: The Blood Pressure Story What is “Blood Pressure?” Blood pressure is the measure of the stress or force of the blood’s mass upon arteries in the body. This force is based upon 4 factors: 1. The energy created by the pump action of the heart to move blood. 2. The elasticity of the walls of the arteries. 3. The actual volume (amount) of blood present. 4. The viscosity (thickness and stickiness) of the blood. There are two components of blood pressure: 1. The Systolic measurement (blood moved away from the heart) is the maximum level of pressure created in arteries occurring near the end of the heart’s left … [Read more...]

Extreme Weight Loss


It seems as though nowadays everybody is in an extreme hurry to do just about everything including dropping unsightly, unhealthy, unwanted body fat. Inasmuch as the United States is absolutely the fattest nation on earth, it’s really no surprise that this phenomenon is on people’s minds to the degree that it is. People simply want to lose fat—a good thing! However, the big problem with this desire is that a lot of people are so overwhelmed with fragmented weight loss information, and just so desperate to “lean out” that they’re persistently making the wrong fat loss choices and ultimately ending up with unacceptably limited, and oftentimes … [Read more...]

Conventional Medicine & Conventional Nutrition


Conventional Medicine & Conventional Nutrition Connventional Medicine is a Convenience, Symptom and Crisis Centered, Drug Oriented, Mass Production, After-the-Fact Approach to Disease -- Nothing More, Nothing Less! Conventional medicine is not focused upon the root cause of all illness on a case-by-case qualitative basis. It is not concerned with the prevention and management of disease causes in relation to the entire person, nor a full examination of lifestyle variables that lead to the health problems experienced in the first place. It does not consider non-drug, or natural remedies and/or approaches to health problems relevant in … [Read more...]

Medical Laboratories > Are Not Created Equal


All Medical Laboratories – Are Not Created Equal (10 Reasons why PNC utilize the particular labs that we do for nutrition testing). With literally thousands of exponentially multiplying federal/state licensed clinical/reference labs which now perform nutritional -(a.k.a. orthomolecular)-medical tests, people often wonder why we only utilize only the eight laboratories that we feature. Please keep in mind that there are approximately 1600 (total) nutrient/toxic/enzyme intermediate/metabolic/interactive hormonal/genetic laboratory tests that we can perform in addition to the 150 “strictly” medical tests used in routine allopathic … [Read more...]

Best Breast Health


All women face special challenges regarding to their reproductive system. At the top of their list of concerns are two problems which can be dealt with very successfully, especially when it comes to their prevention. Our first concern is breast cysts which affect about 20% of women between puberty and menopause and may be either benign or precancerous. Our second concern is malignant breast disease, the incidence of which has increased by 53% since 1950, and is growing by approximately 2% per year. Cystic Disease and Breast Cancer Breast cysts typically swell up, become lumpy and painful during Menses. The cysts are irritated by the … [Read more...]

Feeling High Naturally…


Feeling High Naturally While Losing Weight What could be better than feeling absolutely high, while losing weight? By high, I mean, not grumpy or dejected or fatigued, just feeling really good on top of feeling really “high energy" good – no catch! Accelerating your metabolic rate to its most efficient equilibrium will make you feel better than you've ever felt but there are extra nutrients that can make you feel good every step of the way during this process -- even when you're detoxifying. Fortunately, most of these special substances help in the metabolic acceleration process when applied properly with little to no potential health … [Read more...]

Energy to Burn… End Fatigue Now!


You see it time and time again on TV, hear it on the radio, read it in the newspapers -- we are suffering a chronic fatigue epidemic! It's bad enough that we are suffering an obesity epidemic but chronic fatigue or "under-energy" is running a close second to our "over-fat" problems. What's really the problem here and why is it getting so out of hand so quickly? More importantly, what can you do about it if fatigue is smothering the quality of your life? For one thing you can begin to solve the problem by understanding that there really is the root cause for this dilemma that we've recognized and corrected millions of times over -- so it's … [Read more...]

7 Deadly Toxins

Deadly Toxins

When you look at life, you must consider the good with the bad -- and in Clint Eastwood style -- the ugly, (as in “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” western)! This is true for nutrition as well once you understand exactly what it is that you are up against. "Good Nutrition" is that (food, supplements, water, air) which nourishes the body in the most efficient way possible. "Bad Nutrition" is that which antagonizes the efficient nourishment of the body. Within this "Bad" category lies the "Ugly". “Ugly” nutrition should be considered as anything that is breathed in, absorbed through the skin or mucus membranes, drunk, or eaten -- which has no … [Read more...]

Nutrition Lies


Lie: You are what you eat and your body automatically takes from this food the exact nutrients that it needs and “dumps” what it does not need. Fact: You are what you retain and utilize from what you eat which varies dramatically from person to person due biochemical individuality. Lie: Diseases, fatness and fatigue just “happen” due to genetics and therefore not directly related to or caused by nutrient/toxic disturbances. Fact: All disease is diet-related and the solution to illness can be found in nutrition. Genetics only account for a small of your wellness destiny and longevity. Lie: Drugs “cure” diseases and their side … [Read more...]

What is a faster Metabolism?


In answer to this question, all of the specific foods and supplements found in your nutrition program will increase the efficiency of your overall metabolism ie. a faster metabolism. Faster, because every bite-full of food that you take releases more energy faster and longer, kind of like an auto engine making more horsepower on less gasoline, while simultaneously providing more “building blocks” to your body. Therefore, a faster (or more efficient) metabolism, simply speaking, is predicated upon more complete digestion and absorption of food, greater cellular utilization of and a more balanced intra-bodily subsystems distribution of … [Read more...]